girluprc Drawings are an important part of my work.

 Without much of a commercial value, most of the time I simply draw for pleasure.

 I am generally using low quality paper as somehow, on it everything looks more real. I also love the bright "carioca" colors - the kind of cheap marker pencils that kids use in school. They have thin top and usually they do not cover paper consistently, leaving shades and gaps while strong colors are somehow gaudy. Yet, maybe the flow into my childhood these colors bring is what I love about them.

 I like to capture simple things that stirred up my imagination at the time without thinking too much about the meaning.

 Sometimes, I look at myself through these drawings while other times I just look around.

 Here and there, I like to let one or two colors point out the mood or spoil any reasonable meaning beyond the simple lines.

 There is a particular collection of paper drawings, which I have done lately, reflecting my view on Bucharest and Riga. I miss Riga, and these drawings have a profound personal note.  I have moved to Bucharest from Riga leaving behind my seashore, sober, bicycle friendly hometown for a different culture and city.

 I will let, as I often do, the drawings clear up the puzzle of my inner feelings inviting you to join me in a naughty, black and white sometimes too yellow trip.


Paper drawings capturing various aspects of daily life and fantasies.

Choarcal drawings - mostly nudes and friends. No nude friends :)