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Dear Friends,

 These days, I am spending some great six weeks into a Ceramics Workshop in US experimenting with RAKU technique and creating a composition inspired from my new hometown, Bucharest.

 Until the complete work is ready, I invite you all to preview some drawings within the same theme done on a couple of cups.

 More details and a nicer arrangement will be organized once I come back to Romania.

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Enjoy and... don't take things too serious :)

Laura - US October 28th, 2014


Made By Laura



Welcome To My Site


Dear Visitor,

  This web site will contain a big part of my ceramic, painting, drawing and house designing work.

  Currently we are working on organizing a significant amount of photos and ideas to bring the site up. We plan to present most of the past and current works. Some of them will be available for sale if they are still part of my collection.

   If stars align, beginning of January the website will be fully functional.

  Until then I invite you to enjoy the randomly displayed photos and movies , as an incomplete, yet genuine, preview of the future. All the works displayed are telling pieces of my story, even if the site is in this early  conception phase.

   These days I am in USA creating ceramic works. Part of them will be made available via my youtube channel and they will also be linked in the USA Works Updates tab. 

   If there is anything that catches your eyes please feel free to contact me directly by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Looking to see you back soon,



Additional Info

 This movie was made by Uģis Nastevičs back in 2009, while I was working in Riga's Art Academy for my diploma. 

 The theme was about memories and how time goes by merging them into the past along with our hopes and dreams.

  I used porcelain to make the skeletons of different teddy bares. Their different shapes exposed feelings, memories and personalities which glue together into a frail design reflecting, ultimately, the human existence.

  The work enjoyed an unexpected success (as a young student there is always a lot of doubt :) and it went along for several exhibitions in Russia and The Baltic States.

   The video captures only a snapshot of the making process not showing unfortunately the final composition. It is however a nice movie and it shows a bit of the exotic yet so cozy, friendly and inspiring world of the Riga's Art Academy Ceramic Studio.


 I mention here additionally the link to some minor, yet interesting work done on porcelain which was exposed at my old college school in Riga in 2013: